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Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III
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Commander Charles Tucker III, also known as Trip, is the Starfleet Chief Engineer on the NX-01 Enterprise.

Trip is in his mid thirties with the all-American look of blond hair and blue eyes. Fit and trim in build, he won't say no to an adventure, from rock climbing to scuba diving. When he's not in uniform, he's dressed in loud colors, including Hawaiian shirts with impossible patterns.

A southern gentleman from Florida, he comes complete with southern drawl that supports a goofy but stubborn personality and often hides a brilliant and innovative mind. The accent gets thicker both in a crisis and when he's pouring on the southern charm.

Trip comes from the season 4 episode Storm Front Part 2 of the television series Star Trek Enterprise.

Trip Tucker belongs to Paramount Television and Connor Trinneer belongs to himself. This is just a roleplaying journal for betenoire_rp